We design kitchens and baths that look good and feel good!

Our team of professional designers take into consideration your personal style as well as the style and architecture of your house to maximize the space, lighting and efficiency of the room. Whether it’s an antique colonial, saltbox, contemporary or craftsman style, each project is customized to fit the personality of the client as well as the style of the house.

The Design Process – It All Starts with Good Design

We work closely with our clients to best determine your personal style and preferences.

  1. Upon signing our contract, we come to your location to measure and better understand the existing layout, taking into consideration, preferences for storage and counter space.
  2. We will then create several rough hand-drafted designs of your new space.
  3. During our second meeting, the drawings will be fine tuned and product recommendations made for cabinets, countertops and hardware.
  4. Once the final drawings are approved, we work closely with your contractors and/or architects to ensure the project is built to specification.

Sample Drawings